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I've written hundreds of blogs for travel, equestrian, and news websites, including ViatorCulture Trip, HuffPost, CNN Go,TripCreator, Matador Network, Boots'n'all, Budget Travel, Business Insider, Smarter Travel, InTheKnow Traveler, GoNomad, Literary Traveler, and Vagabondish. Here are just a few examples.

Forest Backpack Traveler

For those with little time to spare and many miles to march, here are ten countries where walking from border to border won’t take you an eternity.


Girls with Hats

Fun events, exhibitions, and things to do in Paris that won’t cost you a single euro. 


Sharing Food

Nantes’ gastronomic strength is its diversity. From charming bistros to sushi bars, and even to Michelin-starred restaurants, here’s our pick of Nantes’ best restaurants.

Culture Trip

Traditional Spices in Market

Traditional medicine passed down through the ages. 

Go Nomad

Truck Bed Guitar Session

Visit Versailles, summit Everest, or browse the Smithsonian without leaving your couch, using virtual tours and VR technology to get even closer to the action.



These five people are some of the most important locals you’ll meet on your travels and chances are you’ve exchanged less than a few words with them.


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