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"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures" -Lovelle Drachman

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I'm a British freelance writer, editor, and digital content creator who has lived, worked, and traveled over six continents and is currently based in France. As a writer, I specialize in travel, outdoor, and equestrian, but I also have a keen interest in health & fitness, food, and culture. I'm a guidebook updater for the Rough Guides, Editor-in-Chief of Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine, and the recipient of the 2011 World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship, with over a decade of experience copywriting and blogging for websites such as TripAdvisor, Culture Trip, Matador Network, and many others. 



  • BA (Hons) Recording Arts (1st Class)

  • Diplomas in Freelance Journalism and Creative Writing, London School of Journalism

  • TEFL and TESOL English teaching certificates​​

  • Native English speaker, fluent French speaker, conversational Spanish 


Blessed (or burdened?) with an insatiable curiosity and a conviction that every challenge should be treated as a new adventure; I believe that each travel memory is a story waiting to be told. Stories like volunteering in Cambodia and Indonesia, floating over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon, or eating my bodyweight in gelato in Rome; but equally when I ended up in a Peruvian hospital with salmonella and missed my long-awaited hike to Machu Picchu, or that time when I got lost in the Atacama Desert and hiked for hours wheeling a broken bike to reach civilisation. 

When I'm not on the road, you’ll probably find me hiking, running, or horseback riding with my dog at my heels; practicing my deadlifts at the gym; carrying out (inevitably messy) culinary 

experiments in the kitchen; or putting the world to rights over an impromptu apéro.


Read more about my travel philosophy in my blog "Why I Travel"

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